Zed Lopez

Found Poetry. Okay

My friend Sumana (hey, Sumana, did you know you’re the #1 google search result for ‘sumana’?) has been examining Spam as Folk Art from way back.

A while ago, I let a whole lot of spam pile up without purging. Looking through it raises a lot of questions.

Remember the first time you applied for a credit card? Can I invest in your country in any profitable venture? Why pay more for the same or better auto insurance? Do you need to find a new dentist? What you think of my new hair color? What do you think of my new hair? What you think of this picture? Playing Lottery with 98% Prize Winning Odds? Could you qualify to get money for school? Do you shop at Sam’s Club? Have you or a loved one used Yaz or Yasmin? What do you know about Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans? How does $3.00 a week auto-insurance sound? Do you need a quick financial fix? Why Get Auto Insurance Quotes From Us? You got into difficulties with monney? With 2 airfare tickets courtesy of Southwest, where will you fly? Getting The Lowest Rate? Picture of you??? Our Team Has Lost a Million Pounds, What’s Your Goal? Should I upload this picture on facebook? CAN I INVEST IN YOUR COUNTRY FROM ALI MOURAK? Did you invest? How much would you pay for a higher education? Its real..? Tired of Cooking? Can I trust you? How much life insurance coverage do you have? Do you want crazy nights? Which window company gives you the best deal? Free consultation:You build career? You wish to get good work? Ready to recharge your options? Do you want to amaze your female partner today? What if your dreams could become a reality in 48 hours? How interesting is your love life? Volume is Increasing, possible Breakout? Hey, you want to eat a big old lobster today? This company is Being Talked About a Lot Today, Why? Tired of dealing with that timeshare? Having Trouble with Your Mortgage? Can You Believe This Is Happening? Why is your mortgage payment so high? Could your future begin with earning a college degree? Can You Please Assist Me To Work For God? Do you love to design? How much could you save on your mortgage? Could this stock be the next buyout candidate? Do you have painful arthritis? Welche Armbanduhren gefallen Ihnen: Sportlich oder fur das Business? Does the world of design await you? Do you suffer from back pain, muscle pain or joint pain? Comment vous choisissez les montres ? Le cafe et le catalogue… ? do you suffer from back pain? Do you wish to satisfy your girlfriend at night? Would you like a better deal on car insurance? This Company Rallied Huge in the past, could it do it again? How much would you pay for a higher education? Who’s Ready For A Sub Penny Alert? Craving for more intimacy? Why havent you switched? Ready for some football? Did you research this company yet!? Want to know the secret of learning new languages fast? Has your score changed? Does an education in graphic design await you? Did you know you only have three weeks for Medicare enrollment? Have you or a loved one been injured by a dialysis treatment? Why Wait Until Black Friday To Get Great Deals? CAN I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOU? Wish to add more fire in your bedroom life? Do you have unsightly skin tags that you want gone? Have you or a loved one used GranuFlo or NaturaLyte? Want that new or used ride? What does it take to succeed in an HR studies program? What’s stopping you from earning a degree in Human Resources? Want Best-value packages for Satellite TV? Want to rent or sell your timeshare fast? Can you earn a pharmacy assistant degree online? Queres Ganar mas dinero? How Can Refinancing Help You Save Up To $3,000/ Year? CAN YOU ASSIST ME? Whats up? Do you have a passion for graphic design? Do you wish to amaze your lady at night? Qual a sua cadeia de supermercados preferida? DID YOU AUTHORIZE MRS. JANET MILLER TO CLAIM YOUR FUND?? Could earning a Human Resources degree help you get ahead? Do you get frustrated trying to find the right gifts for your kids? Do you speak english? Still need a job this winter? Ya pensaste en hacer publicidad por email? Who Is She To You? If you only had a single wish, only one, what would it be? Could you clothe the world in your creativity? Have you started your holiday shopping? The U.S. Average CreditScore Is 680. What Is Yours? DISTURBING: Is FEMA Storing 500,000+ PLASTIC COFFINS Near Atlanta? DISH v.s Cable- Who wins? Does a future in medical education await? Can I count on you? Do you love graphic design? do you suffer from muscle pain? Want to increase your knowledge by earning an HR degree? Could your hobby translate into an education in the arts? What’s your satellite game plan? Do health issues limit your mobility?