Zed Lopez

A Golden Age for Dice-lovers

Kickstarter has made for a golden age for dice. I’m hoping to receive this month a huge pile of dice in all sorts of strange shapes, and I’m still waiting for these and a couple of sets of these fudge dice. (Fudge dice are six-sided dice with two sides blank, two +’s and two -’s, thrown four at a time for Fudge or Fate games – basically, it’s 4d3-8.)

Ending tomorrow is a kickstarter for these adorable rocket dice, and this Sunday night (Pacific time) the kickstarter for these precision machined metal gaming dice concludes. I had considered the creator’s previous precision machined dice kickstarter, but I thought the sharp edges would make them functionally unusable – they won’t roll well unless you have a handy craps table to throw them down, or a dice tower with steep ramps; they’d damage tables; the edges for a soft metal like aluminum would be so fragile you’d have to be careful to keep them from so much as knocking into each other. The chamfered edges on the dice in the current project are just what I wanted.

If you want still yet more fudge dice, there’s a project to create translucent ones and the publisher of Fate Core is making what they’re calling Fate dice.

There are pretty dice in wood and metal and these cool dice whose centers float freely within an exterior cage.

This guy is going to have his hands full.