Zed Lopez

Impressive, Google

I was thinking about role-playing game dice mechanics, today. I knew I remembered having heard of a system in which you rolled a pool of d6’s and the result was either the highest die, or, if you rolled more than one of some number, you got that number +1 for each additional die in the set. So 2 6’s or 3 5’s would count as a 7.

I googled “dice mechanic 3 5’s is 7. The second result’s quoted text said “In Orcworld [sic], 3 6’s is an 8, but 3 5’s and a 6 is a 7 (5+2).”

Orkworld I’ve barely heard of; I was probably thinking of Silhouette, the system underlying Tribe 8, where only 6’s are treated that way. The result page’s previous sentence is “In Silhouette, only 6’s do that, so a roll of 3 6’s is an 8, but a 6 and 3 5’s is a 6.” so I got both the system I was thinking of and a system that really worked the way my search described.