Zed Lopez

If Only Some Company Would Take on Making Information Easy to Find

Hey, what’s the version number of the current release of Chrome? I’ll just google for “google chrome.” Nope, no version number. Oh, wait, there’s a link for browser, that must be it. No. OK, surely if I select “Download Chrome” it’ll tell me. (Terms of Service agreement dialogue box pops up.) Nope. OK, what’s the filename of that? No help, it starts “google-chrome-stable-current”. Hey, there under “Latest News” there’s a Chrome Blog. They’ve got to mention new releases, right? Nope!

Gave up and went to Wikipedia which is generally really useful for finding out when what versions of major software were released.

Also today, I wanted to see all my comments on Google Plus. Never did figure out how to do that through the web page.