Zed Lopez


I’d heard of the InSpectres RPG a while back, probably through having heard of UnSpeakable, a hack of it for Cthulhu gaming. But UnSpeakable isn’t usable without InSpectres, and $10 for a PDF seemed like too much to check out what sounded like a GhostBusters clone – heck, the official licensed Ghostbusters RPG was actually really good.

I played a game ot Con-Volution last year, and it was fun, but seemed slight.

Deeper in the Game called my attention back to it: InSpectres keeps getting deeper, Mini-games night, ShadowRun via InSpectres. And with some web searching, I noticed it was a darling of The Forge (review, Winging InSpectres, First Try at Narritivism, InSpectres: Explain it to me, please) and Story Games (First game of InSpectres coming up, I need to know how to GM InSpectres). And besides UnSpeakable (and the aforementioned ShadowRun hack), it’s been bent to a lot of purposes: InSpace (science fiction), Legion of Superscience (Venture Bros), In-Speckers (kid ghostbusters club). And the rules themselves mention a supplement called NightWatch (paranormal tv show), and in searching for that, I found a bunch of other references to Ward 13, a supplement for hospital drama.

These seemed to have disappeared entirely, but I’m stubborn, so: NightWatch, Ward 13. While I was web-spelunking, I ran across some other games and game fragments by Scott Knipe: Wyrd (heroic tragedy in the world of Nordic myth), Scab (a game of fantasy labor disputes and strikebreaking, see also The Skeleton Company Employees’ Orientation Handbook), Kagematsu (torrid romance in feudal Japan), Le Héros Émergent (a hero arises in 16th century France), The Hour Between Dog and Wolf (you play wolves in 18th c. France hunting a Beast for whose killings wolves are being blamed and slaughtered), Golden Age Guardians (supers), Charnel Gods (a sorcerer supplement – the game itself doesn’t appear to ever have been posted, but despite being an award winner, it doesn’t have much web footprint and is apparently only available by directly paypalling the author.)