Zed Lopez

Die in the Corner Alone

So I managed to get myself to the gym again for the first time in a long time. As I began to unload my stuff, I spotted a red 12mm d6 on the floor. Now I had moved my red 12mm d6’s to a new home recently, so I thought for a moment that there’d been some unlikely series of events in which I’d fumbled one and it had landed in a fold of my bag and somehow survived the trip to the gym… but, no.

See, mine are your basic 12mm red with black pips and this one was actually a dark orange flecked with yellow: Fire Speckled, if I’m not mistaken (spoiler: I’m not.)

I’m sorry for your loss, my fellow geek who worked out this morning. If you see this and can tell me where in the locker room you lost it* and what side was facing up, I’ll be sure to get it back to you.

* Must be more specific than “in the corner”