Zed Lopez

Of Numenerans and Nibovians

Numenera set a record for the highest funded RPG kickstarter (now in third place after Exalted and Call of Cthulhu). The PDF is now out; in this rpg.net forum thread I read of Nibovian wives:

One of the monster types. A construct in the form of a beautiful woman who seems to be in all ways psychologically normal and reasonable (physically she’s super-strong and armored like a tank) except with a non-negotiable instinct to get pregnant and care for her children, where “get pregnant” means “use sexual congress with a man to open a rift using the transdimensional machinery that is her womb and bring into this reality an ultraterrestrial monster whose first programmed instinct is to kill its father.” Nibonian Wives are apparently kind and eager to please, but cannot be reasoned out of wanting to do the monster thing, so I’m trying to picture a rational discussion between a Nibonian Wife trying to make a case for why a dude should totally have sex with her, and the dude trying to explain why that’s not going to happen. Because, you know, she seems very nice, but he doesn’t want to get killed by a shoggoth that she’ll inevitably try to defend using her super-strength and armored skin while it tries to kill him.

I immediately thought “Yeesh, did someone just go through a bad divorce?”