Zed Lopez

We Must Begin to Seriously Consider the Values of Our Thuggish White Youth

Video of Violent, Rioting Surfers Shows White Culture of Lawlessness

Counter to the usual advice, read the comments, where it gets even better.

And for a related un-satiric take, see Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Color-Blind Policy and Color-Conscious Morality:

It would not be productive for the president to go before a white working-class Appalachian audience and say, “We know that economic unfairness exists, and has long existed, but government programs won’t keep your kids off meth and painkillers.” The fact that meth and painkiller addiction is higher in those communities, that one in ten kids born in Appalachia was born addicted to drugs, would not be seen as relevant to, say, a jobs program.

Nor would it be productive or wise for the president to go before a primarily Hispanic audience and say “We know that the DREAM Act is the right thing to do, but what you really need to do is keep your babies from having more babies.” The fact that the Hispanic community has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country would not be seen as relevant to, say, immigration reform.

And it would not be productive or wise for the president to go before an audience of Native Americans and say, “Yes, this country stole your land and prosecuted a ruthless war against you, but what would really help now is if you stopped your kids from drinking so much.” The high rate of alcoholism among Native Americans would not be seen as relevant. And as I’ve said, it would not be wise for the president to go to Newtown and point to the absence of active fatherhood in the life of Adam Lanza.

But for some reason all of these kinds of statements are appropriate in the black community. Not because of higher rates of anything, and it not even because the president is black. They’re seen as appropriate because there a deep belief – even among black people – that morality lies at the seat of our troubles.