Zed Lopez

A Love Letter to Teenagers From Outer Space

Teenagers from Outer Space first edition cover

I’ve mentioned my serious soft spot for the Teenagers from Outer Space RPG. I’m not the only one.

In TFOS, beating a difficulty number for your roll by too much often has worse consequences than if you just failed. Want to stack your stats to be the BEST SWORDSPERSON EVAR? Fine. You’ll regret it when you have five minutes left to get to your final exam, deftly disarm the arch-ninja blocking your path without breaking a sweat, and then get kidnapped and whisked off to fight in the equivalent of the Intergalactic UFC because you displayed such amazing skill! I hope your access to the family hovercar didn’t depend on maintaining that ‘B’ average. […]

No character concept is too weird. You go to a TFOS referee and say “I wanna play a Dalek stoner who fronts his death metal band ‘EXTERMINAITE’ (with an umlaut over the A)” and they’ll say “Cool. You want a bong attachment for your doom plunger?”