Zed Lopez

You Can Take My Lovecraft T-shirt Off My Cold Dead Back

One could wear a different t-shirt featuring H.P. Lovecraft or inspired by his works every day for years without repetition.

Cafe Press: Cthulhu t-shirt: 1477 results Lovecraft t-shirt: 1159 results

Zazzle: 746 results Cthulhu t-shirt: 1035 results

Red Bubble: Cthulhu t-shirt: 676 results Lovecraft t-shirt: 801 results

Spreadshirt: Cthulhu t-shirt: 60 results Lovecraft t-shirt: 27 results

In the above, there are some false positives and generally a huge amount of overlap between the two categories.

HP Lovecraft Historical Society: 15 t-shirts

Arkham Bazaar: about 60 t-shirts

T-short Bordello: 8 t-shirts

I could keep going, but you can see the diminishing returns.

So it’s kind of striking that last month Lovecraft Holdings, founded 2009, has filed for a standard character mark for “H.P. Lovecraft” on clothing, including “sweat bands, ear muffs, aprons, scarves, bandanas, belts, suspenders, neckwear, ties, underwear, briefs, bras, socks, robes, underclothes, pajamas, sleepwear, night gowns, nighties, lingerie, hosiery, tights, gloves, mittens, rain slickers”. Just filed, the USPTO hasn’t examined the filing yet.

IP law is a quagmire, so I’m sticking with “striking” rather than so much as speculating on what the consquences would be if it’s granted.