Zed Lopez

Recycling Palms as Secondary LCD Displays

Recently, I’ve had a crush on the computer lcd front panel displays you can find here or here. But they’re either tiny or expensive.

I remembered a project to let you use a Palm in its cradle as an LCD display. PalmOrb has been orphaned since 2005, and, as of the last version, indicates you’re on your own with USB Palms (which are the only ones I have left.) It actually worked decently with LCD4Linux. But it only left you with a tiny block of text, and it was harder than I’d like to customize the output.

So I tried simply running ptelnet, a Palm telnet app, to make a serial connection, and running a script that wrote to /dev/pilot (I had the visor module loaded), clearing the screen every minute (with VT100 escape codes) and sending status info.

It works pretty well, but the text is tiny, with no way to change the size. Anyone know of an alternative to ptelnet to just receive data from the serial connection and display it, that allows you to change fonts?