Zed Lopez


I enjoyed this take on an Emo Philips joke (found on the Church of Emacs page.)

I asked my email-pal: “UNIX or Windoze?”. He replied “UNIX”. I said “Ah…me too!”.

I asked my email-pal: “Linux or AIX?”. He said “Linux, of course”. I said “Me too”.

I asked him: “Emacs or vi”. He replied “Emacs”. I said “Me too. Small world.”

I asked him: “GNU Emacs or XEmacs?”, and he said “GNU Emacs”. I said “oh, me too.”

I asked him “GNU Emacs 19 or GNU Emacs 20”? and he said “GNU Emacs 19”. I said “oh, me too.”

I asked him, “GNU Emacs 19.29 or GNU Emacs 19.34”, and he replied “GNU Emacs 19.29”. I said “DIE YOU OBSOLETE NOGOOD SOCIALLY MALADJUSTED CELIBATE COMMIE FASCIST DORK!”, and never emailed him again.

Ubuntu Linux 7.04 beta, GNU Emacs alpha, with Xft support. But I’m reformed — any Linux or BSD distro and Emacs flavor is OK by me. (Everyone else can DIE!)