Zed Lopez

House, S.D. (Senior Developer)

Sumana’s title makes this funnier. If House were a software engineer (the character names are complicated acronyms):

Black sidekick improbably even thicker than the other two and pompous with it: The error message does imply some sort of dynamic linkage.

Me, gravely: Error messages always lie.

Necwfh: So what shall we do?

Me: Double the RAM, update the virus checker, scan the string tables, log the exceptions and put it on a sampling profiler.

Bsietttotapwi: How will this help isolate the problem?

Me: It won’t, you moron. We’ve got 45 minutes to fill. It would be fatal to make a correct diagnosis this early in the episode. And while you’re up, go have a look round the original programmer’s auntie’s holiday cottage in Cornwall. I’ve a feeling we may discover an Important Clue there.